1. Maya Hayuk

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    Lamia (detail) by Herbert James Draper (1863-1920)

    oil on canvas, 1909

    In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. Aristophanes claimed her name derived from the Greek word for gullet, referring to her habit of devouring children. x

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  5. fer1972:

    On Fire by Lauren Cohen

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  6. dadushin:

    Another piece for Nautilus, this one being about finding spirituality without religion. This assignment came right after discussing meditation and the absence of self with some friends of mine, so I felt mentally prepared to illustrate this article. Thanks again to AD Len Small for the assignment.

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  8. Sasha Grey for Twin Magazine IX (AW13/14) by Magdalena Wosinska

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    Eva Gyorffy (b. 1931, Arad, Romania, resides Oostzaan, Netherlands) - Homo Ludens 08      Paintings: Digital, Acrylics, Oil on Canvas

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  12. Emily Hay